In September 2019, one hundred years anniversary of the first Waldorf School foundation will be celebrated. Today there are 1080 Waldorf schools and 1843 Waldorf kindergartens througout the world. One hundred years after the foundation of the first Waldrof school in Stuttgart the world has changed, the childhood is different, as well as parenting. Today’s challenges are still undefined and children grow up in an environment which our civilisation has not known yet. Not until now. Therefore, there are important questions ahead:

How to raise children and youngsters for the centuries to come?

What is it in the principles of Waldorf education that is current and what is there to be reformed and adjusted to the spirit of the present time?

How to present the values of Waldorf education to those who have not experienced it yet?

How to connect and get together?

Where is „the man“ in the world of today?

It is those questions that brought to the initiative and international project Waldorf 100, which is supposed to open the discourse and offer some of the anwers. In Croatia, we feel free to contribute to this important discussion, and therefore we have connected with colleagues in our region and the world (the full text in English is available HERE)

Manifestations in Croatia, as a part of projects in 2017
Waldorf Education Days in Croatia
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